Mobile phones came to the world with a stronger base. It all started when the telephones are used. You have to go to it to speak to anyone on the call. Then there is a change of technology from connected and wired telephone to mobile phone from the top brand of mobile phones, Nokia. It all started decades ago when the phone is used for only communication, either way it may be for calls or messages. But as the decades passing forward to the new generation, technology of mobile phones to touch screens and internet in mobile phones came to exist with the 1G speed. There were several devices like alarm, calendar, music devices etc. were separately sold. Generations passed off and the technology raised its hand on the human life and people started thinking strong on their technology. Now, one can get calendar, alarm etc in their mobile phone itself. The generation of 4g speed is now, and one can expect everything that his or her laptop or personal computers can perform by their smart phones. A Smartphone consists of everything which you need; do you want a video on YouTube? Yes you can! Everything in your hands now. You can watch the movies on the go.

Are you a series lover? Or do you watch movies online? Or do you want to watch the new movie trailers as it is published? Or do you download the movies?

ShowBox is one application which will help your life easy when you are entertainment geek. This application will also let you know about the news of Hollywood. This application is a software which will let you see the shows online, or else one can download it. It is been awarded as the best applications under top 50. The number of users is increasing day by day with the power packed updates this application is receiving. In a survey, it is noted that, more than 10 million users are actively using ShowBox. And the downloads count has reach to 300 thousand every month. The company stated that they are very happy to serve the people and on seeing these statics make them work harder for even better improvements in the application. Every application for a smart phone will have the best and the worse things. Let us them which are affined towards this ShowBox application.


  • With the help of this application, one can watch your favorite movies on the go.
  • With the download option in the application, one can download it with the Wi-Fi and can watch anywhere you go. Between your office to home or vice versa.
  • This application has a huge collection of movies in its library. Over 10 thousand movies in it will make you go gaga about this application. And frequently addition to the updates, one can easily find their favorite movies in this application.
  • It is worth using application and very easy to use. No hard features in it, for hard understanding.
  • There is an option to select your favorite movies or series. This feature can help you to find your favorite movies when you view it for the next time.
  • There is a search function inside the application which will help you to search the movies, series, TV shows, trailer etc.


Now, anyone can use this application anywhere and you don’t have to miss any TV shows or the newest trailer or the news about the Hollywood movies. The interface of this application is very simple and easily usable application makes it stand tall against its competitor applications.

The ShowBox works well for any type of platforms like android, windows, blackberry or IOS. The application is well built for all types of platforms, as there are only few worries that any Smartphone user can see with this application.

The main advantage of this application is No registration needed. Few of the competitor applications need the user registrations to their application or website so that they can access through the application for their favorite movies. This one step from the ShowBox is the best one in class to improve its strength.

You need not to search in the internet for different things you want. This application is a one whole package for your mysterious entertainment. There are about 1000 series in the library of ShowBox.


It is a free application, and you won’t find this application in the respective play stores. One needs to side load it from the particular website. They believe that money is earned through advertisements not by selling their product to the customers like others in their class do.

All the downloads you have done in the history are placed in the tab where the download list is seen. ShowBox application is downloaded from their own website. The official website for downloading the ShowBox apk file for android is You have to download it from the mentioned site and the steps to use when you want to install this application are:

  1. The first main thing to download the application is change the settings. These settings are listed for only android devices. Go to settings, and then to security and at last tick the unknown sources. If you want to side load any android application except from play store, then you need to tick these unknown sources.
  2. Install the application. Installing application is easy and like any other application it asks to accept the things and proceed to install.
  3. After the installation, you can see the options like done and open.
  4. After opening the application one can notice the number of collection in its library of movies and television shows. Click on the your favorite movies if they are listed in the top section or else go for the search option to search for your favorite movie or television shows.

This is the best and easiest method to download and install the ShowBox application with change of settings. There are different procedures for different platforms.